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Regional Development Australia (Gippsland) is one of a nation-wide network of 55 RDA Committees, representing all of Australia - and includes remote, rural, regional and metropolitan regions. RDA has a broad set of objectives aimed at enhancing the economic, social and sustainable development of Australia.

Gippsland Food Plan – Launched 28 March 2014


Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development, Peter Ryan, has launched a plan designed to promote and grow Gippsland’s food industry.  The Gippsland Food Plan aims to put Gippsland’s food industry on the world food map and encourage further investment in the region.

The plan was developed by Regional Development Australia (RDA) – Gippsland in response to the Australian National Food Plan was launched at the opening of Farm World at Lardner Park.  Local industry and business groups will have the chance to secure a share of $250,000 worth of funding being provided by the Victorian

Government specifically to support implementation

RDA Gippsland chair Richard Elkington said “the Gippsland Food Plan would assist in expanding the local food industry’s value and contribution to the regional economy.  It will stimulate further investment in the region by promoting Gippsland’s competitive strengths, high quality products and value-adding processing and manufacturing capabilities” .

The plan identifies four main priorities:

  1. Promoting growth and attracting investment;
  2. Enabling infrastructure and logistics;
  3. Innovation and adapting to change; and
  4. Advocacy and policy development.

Each priority is underpinned by a set of recommendations and a projected outcome.

Expressions of interest are now being sought from business and industry groups for projects that clearly demonstrate an economic or community benefit which align to one or more the Gippsland Food Plan’s priorities.

Mr Elkington said “a Gippsland Food Plan Implementation Working Group consisting of members of industry and government would be established to recommend projects, oversee implementation and report on progress. This is a very exciting plan which I’m confident will help promote the Gippsland food industry  locally, nationally and in the overseas market,” Mr Elkington said.

“Gippsland is already home to a diverse range of renowned products and production systems which help our food system be sustainable and resilient and this plan aims to further support these local companies and attract new investment.”

Mr Elkington said the plan also included case studies on successful local companies highlighting why Gippsland is a great place to invest.

“Gippsland’s competitive strengths are many including climate change resilience, proximity to major cities, access to skilled labour and quality infrastructure,” Mr Elkington said.

“I see this plan as a call to action from a region that is well positioned to take advantage of international demand for increased food security particularly in the Asian market.”

Businesses and industry groups have until 2 May 2014 to submit their expressions of interest.  

Media enquiries: Richard Elkington, chair RDA Gippsland 0418 345 130 and Tim Weight, deputy chair RDA Gippsland 0409 514 654.

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